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A groundbreaking solution for indoor and outdoor airborne noise

QuietstoneLight (QSL) is a lightweight, porous panel which provides a high level of sound absorption in any environment. QSL can be safely cut, painted, or treated with a range of finishes.

Made from upcycled glass, QSL panels are extremely versatile, having application in both indoor and outdoor environments. QSL is ideal for high traffic outdoor areas, swimming pools, sports halls, facades, train stations and schools.

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Constructed from Upcycled Glass

QuietstoneLight is made from glass which could not be recycled and would otherwise go to landfill. The result is a highly robust, weather resistant, non-fibrous product which provides an effective sound barrier in areas that require high levels of noise attenuation.

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Easy Installation

QuietstoneLight (QSL) panels are easy to install in a range of different environments and fixing types. QSL is extremely robust and can be machined, cut and drilled during installation without cracking. Additionally, no further treatment is required during installation, making it an extremely cost effective noise isolation solution.

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Why is QSL so effective against airborne sound?

QuietstoneLight (QSL) is manufactured from porous expanded glass beads, bonded together. The structural nature of the expanded glass bead gives the panels high noise reduction performance, resistance to weather, fire, and environmental contamination.

Is QSL easy to install?

A key advantage of QSL is the ease of installation. Its unique combination of qualities allows for QSL to be simply installed without further treatment or protection making it extremely cost effective when calculating overall site costs. The panels can be machined, cut, or drilled using standard carpentry equipment which enables easy fitting around penetrations or obstructions. QSL can be mechanical installed using a range of fixing types, dependent on substrates, fixed within channel extrusions, suitable screws/washers and/or adhesive bonded.

is QSl sustainable?

QuietstoneLight (QSL) is manufactured from expanded glass beads made form upcycled glass. This is the glass that could not be recycled and would otherwise go to landfill. QSL expanded glass beads are Blue Angel certified, an independent label that sets stringent standards for environmentally friendly products.

is QSL fire resistant?

Fire resistance is a certified property of QSL. QSL specially bonded expanded glass beads are noncombustible, supporting fire resistance. This has enabled QSL use in the most demanding applications.

Will QSL be affected by impact, vibration, or mechanical damage during handling, or after install?

QSL travels well and is not easily damaged during shipping, storage, or site handling. Its naturally flexibly nature reduces any long-term impact from vibration. As the panel is constructed from expanded glass particles it has no grain or fracture stress points. QSL is only affected by impact locally. QSL can be easily repaired.  

Will moisture, weather, dust, or pollution have an effect on QSL when used outdoors?

The panels are resistant to weather, impact, animal infestation and have a long lifespan without any additional treatment. The panel is inert with no risk of processing chemicals or mineral salts leaching out when exposed to weather or moisture.

Can QSL be painted, graffiti protected, or plaster finished without affecting its acoustic performance?

A range of specialist painted or treated finishes can be supplied to change, enhance, or further protect the surface with minimal performance loss.