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Treating Gym Noise with Engineered Solutions

Commercial and resident gyms are a regular feature in high density urban environments. Without appropriate treatment, gym activities such as free weight drops, treadmill running, aerobics and boxing can generate high levels of discomforting noise and vibration for neighbouring tenancies or apartments.  

Embelton Engineering have been refining our gym flooring systems for more than 10 years and are particularly focused on delivering solutions which provide high levels of vibration attenuation, while also providing a stable surface for the user, enabling the gym to operate with fewer controls on activities, weight limits and usage times. 

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Lightweight (Plywood) Spring Mount System

A lightweight floor on springs or rubber mounts is often used in retrofits where supsended slabs have not been intended to support a concrete floating floor. This noise solution typically results in alower build height and is easier to remove for changes in occupancy compared to concrete floating floors.

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Heavy Duty (Concrete) Spring mount System

A floating concrete slab on spring or rubber mounts is capable of withstanding repeated barbbell drops from activities such as olympic weight lifting. Formed using a beam and deck method on spring or rubber mounts to suit the application, a concrete floating floor offers the additional benefit of exceptional airborne noise transmission loss and increased vibration isolation performance compared to lightweight systems.

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The Modular and customisable cardio platform is designed for vibration isolation treatment of treadmills and other gym equipment. The high performing platform is easy to assemble and reduces vibration transmission by 50-75% depending on the mounts selected and equipment weight.

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