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Engineering Quietness through the reduction of airborne & impact noise

Secondary isolated floors provide a highly effective means to attenuate noise and vibration transfer. As such a floating floor can isolate a noise source or protect a sensitive space, or do both at the same time (such as with a recording studio suite). There are many applications for this solution. It is very likely that you have experienced the benefits of a structurally isolated floating floor without realising it.

Lightweight System Heavyweight System Floating Floor Catalogue


Lightweight Sport Court & Dance Floors

For environments where isolation of noise and vibration is paramount to ensure optimum acoustic performance, such as music auditoriums or theatres, or applications where there are high levels of impact noise and vibration, such as sports floors, bowling alleys and gymnasiums, consideration should be given to installing a resilient lightweight floating floor.

Other Applications

• Sports courts

• Dance Halls

• High End Residential

• Home Studios

• Bowling Alley

• Function Rooms

• TV Studios

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Indoor Concrete Floating Floor

In critical indoor environments where vibration control is paramount, the use of a heavy mass concrete floating floor should be considered. Concrete floating floors offer excellent reduction in airborne noise due to their increased mass.

Used in highly critical applications such as television production studios, hospitals, and above ground gym floors where complete acoustic isolation is required. Also used for isolating high noise sources such as plant rooms from transmitting to adjacent tenancies.

Other Applications

• Plant Rooms

• Back of House Operations

• Lift Motor Rooms

• Auditoriums

• Performing Arts & Recording Studios

• Gyms

• Indoor Sports Courts

• Medical Facilities & Laboratories

• Tv & Radio Studios

• Function Rooms

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Outdoor Concrete Floating Floor

For outdoor sports courts and other sporting facilities where transmission
of vibration to adjacent tenancies is required. Concrete floating floors offer excellent reduction in airborne noise due to their increased mass.

Other Applications

• Outdoor Sports Courts

• Athletic Tracks

• Tennis Court

• Basketball Court

• Netball Court

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Jack Up Concrete Floating Floor

For specialised applications with limited cavity heights for indoor and outdoor spaces, Jack Up mount systems are required for support and acoustic isolation of floating concrete floors. The highly effective noise attenuation system provides an acoustic decoupling of the floating floor from the major structural elements of the building. Typically used for high noise sources such as plant rooms in multi-storey buildings and critical applications such as theatres, hospitals and sound studios. Contact us to discuss your project further. 

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