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Comparative Impact Performance of Lightweight Gym Floors

Ciaran Spillane

With a range of impact noise mitigation measures available in the market, research was undertaken to evaluate their performance. Untreated flooring in gyms is a common source of complaints for adjacent tenancies due to vibration and impact related noise issues. In many cases it is impractical to install a concrete floating slab and therefore lightweight floor options are increasingly being used for retrofitting, due to cost effectiveness and ease of removal for change of tenancy. Difficulties arise when selecting suitable lightweight gym floor build-ups to achieve satisfactory noise and vibration reduction. In July 2017 Embelton submitted a paper at the 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration in London that presented findings and research into this issue comparing a range of products and systems. 

This paper presents test data results for noise and vibrations levels of a range of mitigation systems and compares the acoustic result. Testing involved a 25kg and 50kg dumbbell being dropped separately ten times from 620mm height for each system. 

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