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Enhancing Swimming Pool Acoustics

Ciaran Spillane

QuietstoneLight & Acoustic Plaster Reduces Pool Noise in an Elegant Way

Swimming pools are associated with fitness, fun, relaxation, and an escape from the bustling world around us. However, an untreated swimming pool environment can result in high levels of reflected sound and noise.

QuietstoneLight acoustic panels are an effective solution for reducing noise in swimming pools. The panels are specifically designed to absorb and control sound waves, helping to create a more peaceful and serene environment.

QuietstoneLight acoustic panels are made from expanded glass beads, produced from recycled glass. Designed to trap and absorb sound waves that reach the surface, this gives QuietstoneLight its excellent sound absorption properties. When sound waves interact with QuietstoneLight the material within the panels converts the sound energy into heat, effectively reducing the noise level in the surrounding area: controlling reflection and echo.

Swimming pool environments often have hard surfaces like concrete, tile, and glass, which can cause sound to bounce and reverberate. This creates echoes and increases the overall noise level. When QuietstoneLight acoustic panels are strategically placed on walls, ceilings, and other reflective surfaces they minimize sound reflection and echo. By absorbing sound energy, the panels prevent it from bouncing around the pool area and help to maintain a calmer, quieter atmosphere.

The primary purpose of a swimming pool is to provide a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Excessive noise can hinder the ability to unwind and enjoy the calming effects of water, negatively impacting the pool's purpose.

Noisy environments make it difficult to engage in conversations, causing frustration and potential miscommunication between swimmers, lifeguards, or pool staff. This poses safety concerns, especially in emergency situations.

QuietstoneLight is made from upcycled glass. This is the glass that could not be recycled and would otherwise go to landfill. It is processed to form expanded glass beads and the beads are then bonded together. The result is a porous panel with sound absorption like a fibrous material, but with the added benefits of being weather and moisture resistant. Easy to cut and simple to install both mechanically or with adhesive, QuietstoneLight is a highly effective non-fibrous, inert, and sustainable noise control measure.

QuietstoneLight has a neutral sandy grey/brown, stone like colour with a coarse finish which suits many interiors.

For a more elegant finish QuietstoneLight can be painted or finished with a specialist hydrophobic acoustic plaster to provide a seamless, monolithic appearance.

QuietstoneLight’s complimentary acoustic plaster is easy to use and comes in 3 grades: fine, medium, and coarse. Produced as standard white, this plaster can be tinted or painted to suit colour requirements.

By incorporating QuietstoneLight panels into pool design and construction, pool owners and managers can create a safer and more enjoyable environment for swimmers.

For more information about QuietstoneLight get in touch with our team of noise isolation specialists.