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project at a glance

Client: ICON

Architect: Studio Arthur Casas

Contract type: Supply

Isolation Solution: Swimming Pool and Spa Isolation & Gym Floating Floor System

Isolation Solution:
XDRP-9 Spring Mounts
XDRP-2 Springs Mounts
NXS Spring Mounts

Arthur's Apartments - Sleek and modern apartments designed to celebrate the buildings breathtaking views and impeccable interior design. ⁠The interesting thing about this project is that it has 4 critical structure columns located right next to the swimming pool which will have likely transmitted vibrations into the apartments right above the swimming pool and even further up into the structure. By constructing the pool on the Supershearflex Isolators, the vibration caused by the shockwaves into the pool is stopped from further transmission into the structure and avoids comfort disruption to the residents.