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project at a glance

Architect: Cox Architecture

Contract type: Supply & installation

Isolation Solution: Swimming Pool Isolation & Lightweight Floating Floor

Products used:
Supershearflex Pad Mounts
NXS Springs Mounts
NRD2 Rubber Mounts

Melbourne Square, a luxury building complex compromising of residential, hotel and commercials towers in the Southbank Precinct. Our engineering team were influential in the project by working on multiple sites within the developments. The below were the tasks required to be completed by our specialist team.

3-layer Supershearflex Pads on the Level 8 swimming pool, that is approximately 50m long, which also includes a play pool area and lap pool. Level 8 Gym involved over 200m2 floor to be covered and NXS springs were installed for free weights areas. The NRD2 rubber mounts for installed specifically for yoga, weight machines, and cardio areas, however all of this was lightweight floor construction. Level 54 spa and swimming both were installed on 3-layer Supershearflex pads. Level 54 gym covered 82m2 which had a lightweight floating floor installed on NXS springs.