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project at a glance

Client: Hacer group

Architect: DKO architecture

Contract type: Supply

Isolation Solution: Swimming Pool Isolation

Products used: Triple Layer SuperShearflex pads

Queens domain – Involving over 220 Apartments over 19 levels, these unique and luxurious apartments offers breathtaking views and balances the unique design of sculpture and structure. A contemporary design that pays respect to the importance of Melbourne’s architectural history.

Triple Layer SuperShearflex pads were supplied for a ground floor swimming pool located over an underground car park. Usually, there will be no need to isolate a swimming pool on ground level over a basement carpark. The interesting thing about this project is that it has 4 critical structure columns located right next to the swimming pool which will have likely transmitted vibrations into the apartments right above the swimming pool and even further up into the structure. By constructing the pool on the SuperShearflex Isolators, the vibration caused by the shockwaves into the pool is stopped from further transmission into the structure. Our solution was to prevent the transmitting of vibration from the swimming pool structure into the residential dwellings disrupting the comfort of the residence.

Embelton were asked to conduct a finite analysis of the structure around the pool which was completed successfully.