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project at a glance

Client: ARUP

Contract type: Supply

Isolation Solution: Outdoor Floating Flooring System

Products used: Bespoke Spring Mounts

With over 330 units available, the layouts aim to provide residents with homes that are comfortable for working adults, couples or families looking for a spacious and manageable unit. The unique location of The Tennery, is that residents would not have to travel far to access their basic necessities, as everything is within reach.

Embelton were the preferred solution provider and supplier for the complex rooftop basketball court isolation system. This particular isolation system was suspended between to adjacent buildings over 670m2 in area. The isolators used were Embelton High Load 20mm Deflection Springs combined with a 180mm thick floating concrete slab on top. They were important as to avoid the transmission issues of noise and vibration through the connected structures.