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project at a glance

Client: Hansen Yuncken

Architect: Woha

Contract type: Supply

Isolation Solution: Building Isolation & Floating Floor Isolation

Product used: Natural Rubber Bearings

University of Tasmania - Hedberg, is a state-of-the-art building that provides music and creative arts students a world-class learning space. It also encompasses the historic Theatre Royal and the universities Conservatorium of Music, which is highly valuable for students.  

As part of this historic project, Embelton were tasked with providing inspections for column bearings, concrete floating floors bearing and CLT floating floor bearing installations, to provide effective isolation solutions. Our specialist team isolated steel columns on natural rubber bearings and for the stage area, hanging configuration of bearings was required.

The Salon, Recital Hall and studio required bearings for lifting all the structural steel columns. Concrete floating floors on bearings were required in the Recording Cluster, Recital Hall, Salon & Studio. CLT floating floors on bearings were further required on Level 5 & 6 for the practice and teaching rooms. Challenges that our team faced on site was to create custom lateral restraints which were required due to the availability of space and the various shapes and sizes of steel columns. Another challenge faced involved high live loads, which made it hard to tune frequencies to the acoustic consultants’ specifications. In turn, Embelton successfully accomplished the tasks, providing an effective isolation solution.