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Ceiling Hangers

LB-RHC Ceiling Hanger

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$22.00 AUD


Typically used for suspended architectural ceilings, where a low cost, low deflection and light duty hanger is required for the effective isolation of noise and vibration from the levels above and below the ceiling. The LB Bracket is designed for fixing to the side of joists.


Frequently asked questions

How do I know what my required static deflection is?

A certified acoustic consulatant will need to make an assessment of your site to determine the required static deflection. Embelton offers engineering consultation services. Contact us today.

Can you layer Shearflex?

Shearflex can be used in multiple layers to increase deflection, each layer separated by a 1.5mm metal shim plate. Up to six layers can be used, provided that the height of the stack is not greater than either the length or width.