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Engineered solutions to reduce airborne noise

Airborne sound if left uncontrolled will reflect off hard surfaces or transmit through structures. This can result in noise (unwanted sound) affecting the quality, safety, and privacy of an environment. The control of airborne noise requires materials that are engineered to specifically control or reduce sound energy through absorption, vibration isolation or mass barriers. When uncontrolled sound is not addressed by developers and architects there can be significant consequences, resulting in non-compliance with building code requirements or complaints from building occupiers. 

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QuietstoneLight Acoustic Panels

Airborne noise isolation

QuietstoneLight Acoustic Panels

QuietstoneLight (QSL) is a highly sound absorbent, porous panel, made from 100% recycled glass, and designed to minimize airborne noise in a range of different environments. Suitable for outdoor and indoor application, QSL but can be easily cut, machined and drilled during installation without damage.

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