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ESTABLISHED IN AUSTRALIA IN 1925, Embelton is a trusted name in vibration control and noise isolation.

From machinery foot mounts to complete building isolation, Embelton offers a portfolio of products and services to solve a wide range of vibration and noise issues.

In modern building construction, improved design allows for lighter but inherently more flexible structures. As a result, there is a growing need to safely address unwanted vibration and structure-borne noise from machinery, plantrooms, and auxiliary equipment.

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Noise & Vibration Isolation

Noise generated by vibration can also be a major problem in such structures, intensified by the trend of higher density living and the demand for quieter living and working conditions. Gymnasiums and swimming pools are very common features of new building complexes that require treatment, but do not have a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Our engineers design, develop and test products with a combination of software analysis tools (FEA) and physical testing in our on-site facilities. Our clients can also take comfort that our quality management system is ISO: 9001 accredited.

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We have forged an industry-leading reputation throughout Australia and Internationally with operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Shanghai.

Embelton Flooring

Embelton's flooring division has over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of a broad range of floor coverings.

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