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Isolation Pad

Supershearflex Pads

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$4.50 AUD

Load Range: 70 to 1200kPa


Supershearflex is a thicker, more rugged version of standard Shearflex. It has improved low frequency isolation and load capacity


Supershearflex is used where a pad mount is required for effective isolation of noise and vibration from equipment with speeds down to the order of 1,200RPM, and for applications where reduction of shock inputs is required. Typically used on airconditioners, business machines, transformers, pumps, machine tools, metal punches, presses, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know what my required static deflection is?

A certified acoustic consulatant will need to make an assessment of your site to determine the required static deflection. Embelton offers engineering consultation services. Contact us today.

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